Must-read philosophy papers

In December, I asked philosophy people on Facebook for must-read philosophy papers. Here is the result. Enjoy! (Rendered with EndNote.)

Adams, R. M. (1985). Involuntary Sins. The Philosophical Review, 94(1), 3–31.

Anderson, E. S. (1999). What Is the Point of Equality? Ethics, 109(2), 287–337.

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—. (1963). On Explication Logical Foundations of Probability: The University of Chicago Press.

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Hampton, J. (1988). The Retributive Idea. In J. Murphy & J. Hampton (Eds.), Forgiveness and Mercy: Cambridge University Press.

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—. (2001). The Idea of Perfection The Sovereignty of Good: Routledge.

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—. (1993). Moral Luck. In D. Statman (Ed.), Moral Luck: State University of New York Press.

Nietzsche, F. (2005). Om sanning och lögn i utommoralisk mening (M. Holmqvist, Trans.) Fridrich Nietzsche: Samlade skrifter band 2. Otidsenliga betraktelser I-IV / Efterlämnade skrifter 1872-1875: Symposion.

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